Who You Needed

Who You Needed

Exploring the intersection between creative design and mental health thru short stories- it’s a way of thinking, being, and process.
This is a bi-weekly conversation: sometimes chuckle-worthy. Always encouraging. The goal is to help you feel good & inspired!


Art of Play // Working Out

July 29, 2021

Episode Summary Giggles are birthed out of two things: overcoming challenges & loving it. Links Instagram: @thehelengrace Who You Needed Website Feedback? Send us an email - whoyouneededpod@gmail.com Want to Read instead? >> Full Transcript PodDecks.com : -->>>> "helen" for 10% your order

Wonder Song / Full-Length Song

July 27, 2021

Special song to help evoke wonder - Written by my sister, Marielle Garcia :)

Life in Color // The Pursuit of Vintage Eyewear

July 22, 2021

This episode is dedicated to the overwhelmed. To those who go through the motions and are tired of going through the motions. It’s seeing life in color for the first time in a long time.

Purpose & Memories // The Underlying Truth About Our Hobbies

July 20, 2021

is it true that you enjoy it for the hobby itself? Or, is there something underneath the enjoyment that makes the craving palpable? Helen discusses the truth behind our purpose & why it's important to keep it close.

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