Jan. 21, 2021

34. Conquer Your Doubt, with Kojo Thompson

34. Conquer Your Doubt, with Kojo Thompson

Live Outside of Expectations, Live in Meaning

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out WHY. Kojo Thompson is the host of the “Why I Network” podcast, in which he asks professionals from multiple practices about their “WHY." He interviews every job asks them how they started their profession to help others find their dream job too!  Media:@WhyiNetwork | Contact: kojo@thewhyinetwork.com

Time Stamps: 

  • 3:09 - On Feeling Alone, Not living up to people’s Expectations
  • 4:00 - The Challenge that Comes with Creating Your Own Job
  • 6:42 - Starting from Nothing & Getting on THE PATH
  • 9:27 - How Kojo’s Podcast Gave Him Hope Again
  • 17:23 - The Motivation to GET BACK UP AGAIN
  • 19:23 - Stronger. Wiser. Smarter Things
  • 21:34 - On the Importance of Forgiveness
  • 24:21 - “Love: The Root Cause of All Our Happiness”
  • 29:54 - How to use Your Pain for Good
  • 37:06 - How to ask for What you Need
  • 44:26 - Reflecting on 2020: “That Year”