Feb. 27, 2021

56. No Pressure, Child - Sustainable Change Week

56. No Pressure, Child - Sustainable Change Week

21/100 Days of Podcasts

"it's SO fun getting to fail because you realize that there's no expectation to be perfect...when you subject yourself to failure over and over, you ultimately get better (if you're willing to self-reflect and learn from those failures). Sometimes I use myself as an experiment of how much can I actually get done?"

Episode Notes

[00:00:00] Reflecting on deep rest, why it's necessary

[00:03:10] "there are plaguing thoughts that come across our minds every day of how much we need to get done. The number of things that are on our to-do lists, the bills that we have to pay, the surmounting debts, the projects that we want to accomplish, the lack of time throughout the day.... And it's also overwhelming."

[00:03:30] Unpacking Un-Rest, Getting Back to Rest

[00:03:49] Anti-Productivity, Pro-Meaning

[00:04:52] 21-Day Reflection: What I've learned from the 100-day Podcast Challenge

[00:05:36] New Segment: Nerdy Amazon Purchases 

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