March 2, 2021

58. Tom Corner: Am I Happy?

58. Tom Corner: Am I Happy?

Day 23/100, "Life's Biggest Questions"

Show Notes

[00:01:47] Balancing multiple things at one time. Helen asks Tom: How do you manage all of those passion projects and having a full-time job too?

[00:02:08] When you do everything you’re ‘supposed’ to and you are still unhappy

 “I was lost. I did everything I was supposed to. I chased, I was well paid. I had titles, all this stuff and I have an amazing wife and three amazing daughters and I felt dead inside. And there, I believe there are a lot more people that are that way. They just don't know it, or they're afraid they don't know who to talk to about it.”

[00:04:33] Am I living in everyone else’s expectations?

[00:07:05] Authors as Your Chosen Mentors – Our Desire to Grow is a Gradual, Learning Process

[00:13:03] The Process of Getting Comfortable with the Hard Questions

[00:15:29] The process of accepting your past, embracing Self-Forgiveness: “I have to shed that because I can't move forward.”

[00:22:20] The Art of Focus: Our minds focus on THOUSANDS of things a day

[00:25:54] Finding Release from Unnecessary Stressors

[00:30:15] Importance of Spiritual Practices

[00:32:07] Escaping from our “hamster wheel of torture

 [00:34:32] Boundaries in Media Consumption

[00:42:03]-  [00:44:59] Tom Shares a Story of His Daughter: On Perceived Failure + Perspective

[00:48:26] Healing from Hard Circumstances:  “awaken and be at peace and ease”. 

[00:55:36] Shutting Off our “Monkey Minds”