July 22, 2021

Life in Color // The Pursuit of Vintage Eyewear

Life in Color // The Pursuit of Vintage Eyewear

This episode is dedicated to the overwhelmed. To those who go through the motions and are tired of going through the motions. It’s seeing life in color for the first time in a long time.

Episode Summary 

  1. Give your creativity some air. Walk away when stress accumulates (You wanna love it, not hate it).
  2. Pursue an avenue you never pursued before (for me, it was vintage eyewear)
  3. Beware when you encounter cynicism about & within yourself - that is when it's time to re-think your art.
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This episode is dedicated to the overwhelmed. To those who go through the motions and are tired of going through the motions. It’s seeing life in color for the first time in a long time.


If we haven’t met, hey you. Its Helen and this is who you needed. Podcast dedicated to providing soothing optimism for creatives. Stay tuned for more   


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Okay, so let’s go back to a week ago when I hit a creative rut. 


I was rarely alive these days — the chattering sound refused to escape my ears and nerves. That stinking nerve. Sometimes, creative life is a struggle  it’s dealing with the following questions:


Do I even belong in this space? 

Do I deserve to even call myself a creative if I can’t produce anything right now? 


My internal world was riddled with “I have to do this” rather than “I get to do this” 


The questions I listed would not leave me…I found it hard to write from a place of love or joy. Writing from these two values allows me to speak truth without restriction. I became a prisoner of my own thoughts. I was chained to my pen & Microphone. Buried in self-pressure. 


So, I did the only thing that would make me feel better: walking away. Instead of burying my head in the work. I thought about vintage eyewear. 

Before I dig into this- You must understand one crucial thing about me - I have had a love/hate relationship with glasses since the 4th grade. My mind was riddled with self-ridicule whenever I saw myself with a piece of metal or plastic helping me see clearly. It wasn’t until I heard the great Dan Levy, Emmy-award winning writer/actor talk about the beauty of glasses that I changed my mind. He said,


“Glasses are a unique forms of self-expression and individuality” 


Before this, I cared for my eyes w/ minimal importance. I focused MORE on how I looked DIFFERENT in comparison to the lucky bare-faced , 20/20 visioners. I would buy the cheapest glasses so that I had something to see when I didn’t wear contacts. I got warmings from my eye doctor about wearing my contacts too much. She said, “that’s really bad for your health”. At some point in my creative rut, I finally decided to invest in quality eyewear. But, I just didn’t want regular glasses. I wanted vintage 1930s frames. Round metal frames with ear hooks, similar to the vintage frames John Lennon wore. 

There is something so special about walking into an optician’s store. They have a love for people and finding the right frames to fit people’s needs. More than that, they have a knowledge of the history of glasses. From the ear hooks and ear pads that originated in the 1930s to the quality of the material & its durability. I met Gary and Huong out of internal desperation to find frames that I would enjoy wearing. 

What does this have to do with you, as a creative person? Well, walk away when moments get too "in your head" and pursue a different avenue. It lessens the load and causes us to unleash PLAY.