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Thoughtful Insightful Conversations and more

This podcast is one of my favorite shows. Helen is a thoughtful interviewer and the conversations with her guest always inspire me. If you are looking for a feel good insightful conversation this is a must listen.

Best Guest Experience Since Pandemic

I am zoomed out but when I presented as a guest on this show I felt renewed. Helen touched my soul. She made me feel again with her genuineness and openness. I heart her! The other episodes uplift me and whisk me from my daily pain.

So beautiful

Helen, the episode I listened to spoke to me so much! I love everything you said about overthinking. Your voice is calming and I love the knowledge you gave. Thank you! What a great podcast!

I love it

I love listening to this podcast late at night as I’m winding down from a tough day. Helen has the ability to draw the listener in from the first second and is so relatable. A lot of times I just need to hear someone who thinks through things like I do and that’s Helen. She does a great job of bein…

Heartfelt, Loving Episode

My favorite podcast! Love to listen tk this podcast!

Authentic Wisdom

Helen's wisdom, empathy, and intellect shine in her podcast. She doesn't shy away for difficult subjects. She doesn't sugarcoat her advice. She doesn't dramatize her personal experiences. She shares how the immigrant experience changed her life from having everything to having nothing... and back t…

Soothing and Encouraging

Love the simplicity of this pod! Bite sized episodes, yet highly impactful and encouraging. Keep it at!

Raw & Real

This podcast is a little gem. Helen’s voice gently guides you through questions you may be afraid to ask yourself, invites you to live into those questions, and then let’s you know you’re not alone.

Peaceful Powerful and Impactful

Helen has the most natural podcasting voice. I feel like she’s having a conversation directly with me. I found myself binging this show ever since I met Helen. This show is raw, vulnerable, authentic and NEEDED. 🐝

A feel good & feel seen podcast!

This podcast is sincere and allows both guests and listeners to feel heard. Helen leads by example with her willingness to be vulnerable, share her stories, and amplifying others. All around, this podcast just reminds me that we as people are more connected and similar than we know.

Warmth + Intelligence = Listen to THiS

Helen is such a strong voice in authentic leadership. Her show just makes you feel good when you listen and it’s really because of her. This is a silky smooth auditory experience, and you’ll feel guided and protected as her diverse guests speak right to your soul.

HELLO articulate

Helen speaks with this speed and rhythm that comfort and invite you into friendship. Young and already going places!


This really fed my soul. Thank you Helen :)!